Welcome to Authentic Montreal!

Join us for our regular Games Nights. After attending a Games Night, we invite you to go deep and practice circling with us.


Authentic Montreal is a community of people who want more connection and more meaningful interactions. We host events where we challenge ourselves to show up more fully with each other and discover what’s there! The intent is to find places in our hearts and bodies of more openness, peace, understanding, compassion, and joy with others.

This is an exciting and sometimes scary journey. It may be intense and difficult, but it is also rewarding and heart opening. Will you join us?

We advocate gentleness as we lean in to fears and old patterns to release them, reshape them, understand them, and move beyond them.



What does it mean to be authentic? In an organization that’s all about authenticity, I must confess that this has been an exceptionally difficult concept to define in my 7 years of Authentic Relating. I’ve been wanting to give my input on the definition of authenticity in order to dispel myths about authenticity, which might …


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